Caught In The Act: Alex, COTA

Posted by MiresBall

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AlexWe are always proud to recognize the hardworking men and women of Therapy Specialists who make a difference in the lives of the patients they treat. Each month, we spotlight an associate who was “caught in the act” exemplifying Therapy Specialists’ mission and core values.

Alex was recently recognized by his director of rehab Dhiraj P., who sent the following submission to our corporate office, noting Alex’s dedication to his patients.

Alex Espinoza (COTA) was gathering his documentation for the day. Suddenly, he and I noticed a resident in the hall who was in danger of sliding out of his wheelchair. This particular resident required total, mechanical assistance for functional mobility and the hoyer sling had slipped as the resident was readjusting himself in his wheelchair, causing his hips to slide forward on the seat. The resident did not have the strength to reposition himself and was in a precarious situation! Alex was able to assist nursing staff with repositioning the resident. Alex did a quick yet thorough education on how to remove and replace a hoyer sling and how to identify a poor seating position. Thanks to Alex's intervention, nursing staff was informed on how to minimize risk for this resident falling out of his wheelchair during upright activities, he decreased the risk for poor seating position and the associated risk of skin breakdown, pain, and joint contracture. Five minutes of assistance prevented so many negative outcomes that would have impacted this resident’s quality of life!

And in another example of Alex’s professionalism and dedication, he was caught helping a new out-of-state resident obtain a “tilt-in-space” wheelchair. He got all the specifications from her prior therapy department, but when the wheelchair was delivered, Alex discovered that it had been broken in transit. Alex took it upon himself to find an unused, donated tilt-in-space chair, he cleaned it up, and added the custom parts so the resident could get out of bed and interact with others. She was so happy about being able to sit up and be comfortable again. All because of Alex!

Well done, Alex! Your patient advocacy and sincere dedication to the profession of rehabilitation therapy make all of us in the Therapy Specialists family very proud.