Caught In the Act: Kayli, OTL/R

Posted by MiresBall

| Success Stories

kayli-1.jpgWe are always proud to recognize the hardworking men and women of Therapy Specialists who make a difference in the lives of the patients they treat. Each month, we spotlight an associate who was “caught in the act” exemplifying Therapy Specialists’ mission and core values.

Dhiraj is Fredericka Manor’s director of rehab—and Kayli’s manager. He submitted the following Caught in the Act account to our corporate office in recognition of Kayli’s dedication to her patients.

Kayli Wagner (OTL/R) demonstrated persistent patient advocacy when one of her at-home residents complained of knee pain after a fall. This particular resident has a long history of chronic knee pain due to advanced OA, so a complaint of knee pain was nothing new. Nursing staff had noted the fall and notified the doctor by fax, who ordered that the patient be monitored but receive no further intervention. Kayli used exceptional clinical reasoning to determine that the knee pain the resident reported was not consistent with her baseline pain, and Kayli personally contacted the doctor to express her concerns. Based on Kayli's assessment, the doctor agreed that an x-ray was warranted to rule out other knee pathology. The x-ray revealed multiple fractures including the lateral tibial plateau and proximal fibula. Thanks to Kayli, this resident was immediately referred to her orthopedic physician and will receive appropriate management for her broken leg!

Well done, Kayli! Your patient advocacy and sincere dedication to the profession of rehabilitation therapy make all of us in the Therapy Specialists family proud. We look forward to more instances of your lead-by-example style.