Announcing the Launch of our New and Improved Website!

Posted by Keith Carson

Therapy Specialists is proud to launch our newly redesigned website with the help of our friends and partners at Mires Ball Brand Design.

Why We Did It 

Throughout our 40+ year history, we at Therapy Specialists have prided ourselves on our ability to nurture and foster a face-to-face approach with our business partners, patients and associates. In fact, it is this approach our founder and occupational therapist, Susan Harris, felt so deeply committed to that she resisted growing the business in its early years in fear she wouldn’t be able to maintain this face-to-face communication with the people connected to her services.

We as a company still feel an overriding need to connect with our partners, patients, associates and the greater therapy community on a personal level. It still defines who we are and often dictates how we go about doing things.  It remains part of the fabric of our company culture. However, as we have grown all throughout the state of California, we understand the need and value of engaging our healthcare community more on-line.

Our hope for this website is that it is not just a place for us to talk about what we do, but also a place you can come to get valuable information on therapy services. We want our website to:

  • provide you answers to your questions about therapy services
  • help you to better navigate the trends in our industry
  • be a place where you can get important information about rehab services for you or your loved one
  • inform you about what is going on within our company, whether that be career opportunities or upcoming events.

What Has Changed

Here are just a few of the new and improved features on our website:
  • The story of how we became one of California's leading independently-owned and operated therapy services provider
  • Receive pediatric therapy services at our Point Loma outpatient clinic in Liberty Station
  • Receive a free white paper highlighting upcoming trends in senior rehab services
  • Learn more about occupational therapy and when it might be appropriate for you or your loved one
  • Want to join our team?  Visit our website to check out new career opportunities at Therapy Specialists

At the end of the day, we redesigned our website with you in mind.  So, please take a look around!  We look forward to engaging with you here both now and in the future!



Author Bio:

Keith Carson is often “the first handshake” for Therapy Specialists’ new business partners. Responsible for finding, nurturing and growing strategic partnerships in the market, Keith is the point of contact for facilities considering values-driven contract therapy options. His background in medical and healthcare sales management includes tenures with start-ups and multi-million dollar companies that put him on the frontline with the likes of physical therapists, neurosurgeons and long term care facility managers. He calls on his vast experience and track record to strengthen and grow our business.