Meet Chris Callahan, Pediatric OT at Liberty Station

Posted by MiresBall

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ChrisChris became a pediatric OT after having spent much of his adult career in art production. He noticed a connection of how the two fields blended both art and science and found a new calling in life. Chris stresses parent education and considers his biggest successes stem from effective parent understanding and treatment plan implementation.

Areas of Specialty:

Chris specializes in picky eating and oral motor development as well as sensory processing difficulties that affect childhood development. He is particularly adept at finding creative solutions to feeding difficulties. As he puts it, “eating is such a fundamental aspect of both individual and family life, it forms a cornerstone of healthy being.”

Treatment Techniques:

Chris applies a variety of different techniques during treatment depending on the type of learner a child is as well as the types of challenges they face. His interventions incorporate motor strengthening, neurological conditions, desensitization, behavioral modification, positive reinforcements and parent education.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]