What is Speech Therapy and How Can it Help Me?

While many people have a basic knowledge of speech therapy, many don’t really know or appreciate what speech therapy entails. Most of us have an

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Reflections from ASHA 2019: Imagine More

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”  -Winston Churchill

Without a doubt, we are in a season of significant

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The Unforeseen Impact of the Consumer Alert Icon for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Recently, CMS announced a significant change to the Nursing Home Compare website. They included a consumer alert icon - in the form of a stop sign

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2019 SLIF Takeaways: Whole Person Health, Leveraging Technology, and the Role of Therapy

At the beginning of this week, my colleague Lisa Rodriguez and I had the opportunity to attend the Senior Living Innovation Forum in Santa

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What Should I Expect in Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery has become one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the US, and its success rate has improved greatly with the

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What is Occupational Therapy and How Does it Help?

Occupational therapy- it's one of those terms that, unless you're in the healthcare industry, can be difficult to understand what it

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Shower Power: Tips on Shower Safety for Seniors

We all want to live safely and comfortably in every part of our homes. It’s important that seniors are aware of the challenges independent living

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When can I return to a normal diet?

Many older adults that have problems chewing or use multiple swallows to swallow one bite, pocket food, or cough frequently during meals are

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Picky Eaters: Is Your Child One of Them?

Picky eating can be a concern for families on many different levels at a variety of ages. Even experienced parents may find themselves surprised

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The Most Difficult Job in Post-Acute Care

The job of a skilled nursing administrator is the most difficult job in post-acute care right now.  

On paper, a skilled nursing administrator is

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