A Few Reasons You Should Consider "Prehab" Prior To Your Upcoming Surgery

Let’s face it.  Surgical procedures, whether big or small, are stressful!  You want to be as prepared as possible and know what to expect before

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Why work for Therapy Specialists? Hear why from someone who does!

In today's everchanging healthcare climate, recruits looking for jobs are looking at a lot of red carpeting laid out before them. There are ample

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Keeping Your Autistic Child Safe

Home safety is a concern for all parents, but perhaps even a bigger concern for parents of an autistic child. Summer is here and there is no other

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Are You Concerned About Your Lack of Balance as You Age?

As we age, balance loss becomes a greater and more common problem. Many seniors sustain significant injury due to falls and often don't see the

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Shower Power: Tips on Shower Safety for Seniors

We all want to live safely and comfortably in every part of our homes. It’s important that seniors are aware of the challenges independent living

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Kitchen Safety Tips after a Hand Injury

Suffering a hand injury is bad enough, but having to complete your normal day to day responsibilities like preparing a meal for you and your

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Section GG Items Require Nursing and Therapy to Collaborate for Correct Coding

Coming October 1, 2018, there are changes to the MDS that will include a number of additions to section GG. The changes were published in December by

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Three Things I Learned at NARA DC 2018

Throughout the history of our company, many of our executives have invested their time, money and energy into an organization called the National

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Lessons I Have Learned as a Speech Therapist

I've been a speech-language pathologist for 18 years after making a career change from working in the corporate telecommunications field for 15

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How can physical therapy help you with your incontinence?

Living with chronic pelvic pain or suffering from a challenging incontinence issue are symptoms many women endure, thinking that these are just

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