SNFs Required to Complete Facility Assessment by Nov. 28th, 2017

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The facility specific comprehensive assessment must be completed by November 28, 2017 and updated whenever there is a change in the skilled nursing facility’s operations that would require a substantial modification in the information, or on an annual basis.  These requirements are part of the next phase of the 2016 CMS Requirements of Participation (RoP) which mandate that all skilled nursing facilities conduct a facility wide assessment to identify the resources required to care for its residents competently, during both day to day operations and in emergencies.

How This Impacts You

For surveys occurring after the required implementation date of Nov 28, 2017, facilities will be required to provide evidence of a formal documented process demonstrating that the resident population has been assessed and that the resources needed to provide the necessary care are assessed and documented.

What You Can Do 

There are no CMS guidelines detailing a specific acceptable format of the assessment document, but the regulations identify the required components which include, but are not limited to:

  • Resident population served
  • Care requirements of the resident population, based on diagnosis, physical and cognitive disabilities and overall acuity
  • Facility staffing and staff competencies
  • Ethnic, cultural and religious needs of the residents
  • Facility resources
  • Services provided
  • Contracts/agreements with third parties to provide services
  • Health Information resources
  • Facility and community based risk assessment, utilizing an all hazards approach

Therapy Specialists partners with Proactive Medical Review to provide external auditing for our organization.  Proactive has developed a comprehensive template to help you complete the facility assessment in compliance with the RoP regulations. This pdf fill-in tool allows each facility to complete the assessment elements through a combination of checklist worksheets, fill-in-the blank resource tables, and narrative response with guidance on key considerations of the assessment. Once completed, the template is a printable facility assessment report.

We encourage you to take advantage of their template by visiting their website at Proactive Medical Review.

If you have any questions about the facility assessment, please feel free to contact me at   




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