The Results Are In: Telehealth is LEGIT!

Posted by Peter Harris

| Telehealth

What do you get when you cross a person in physical pain with a world wide pandemic? Tah-dah - Telehealth!

Within the midst of a global pandemic, rehab providers have been turning to on-line telehealth services to ensure patients receive a continuity of care. Until recently, there hasn't been a lot of data to support or contradict telehealth as a worthy alternative to in-clinic visits. But recently, a large scale study, conducted by healthcare giant Net Health, looked at over 40,000 telehealth episodes. Well, the results are in. Telehealth is a game changer!

What We Discovered

1) The study proves the effectiveness of telehealth in providing flexible care options during a pandemic. Telehealth can:

  • promote patient confidence
  • drive better attendance numbers
  • sustain the continuity of care for existing patients.

2) Episodes of care involving telehealth had an average of 2-3 fewer visits, suggesting use of telehealth may promote greater efficiency of care.

3) Patients were equally satisfied with their therapy care regardless of whether any care visits were administered using telehealth.

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Suggestions for Moving Forward

  • Feel confident that telehealth can be effective for patient care during a pandemic
  • Start by just phasing in a few telehealth visits for certain patient conditions
  • Consider integrating telehealth with traditional on-site, in-clinic care (which we call our Blended Approach)

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