How can physical therapy help you with your incontinence?

Posted by Delphine Roy, PT

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Living with chronic pelvic pain or suffering from a challenging incontinence issue are symptoms many women endure, thinking that these are just issues women must deal with as they get older. Well, that doesn't have to be the case. Pelvic floor is a physical therapy treatment that can solve a multitude of women's health related issues such as these and can get you back to living the life of freedom and independence.

Learn how Physical Therapy helps other chronic pain

Physical therapy is the discipline that will help you restore a normal function. If your daily activities are hindered by one or more of the following symptoms, you may want to consult a physical therapist:

Here are a few strenghtening exercises you can do on your own. Hopefully, these will do the trick and you'll begin to feel healthier and more secure with your body.

But if these exercises don't seem to be helping,  physical therapy should be the first form of intervention. It's never too late to consult or ask questions, regardless of your age, gynocological history, comerbidities, or lifestyle.

Pelvic floor physical therapy offers patients options that are non-invasive and private. We will teach you strategies and techniques in order for you to live a healthy and independent lifestyle without being hindered by pain, embarrasment, or chained to a bathroom.

Please let us know if there's anything we can help you with!

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If you've ever been to our Point Loma clinic at Liberty Station you've probably heard the unmistakable accent of our clinic director, Delphine Roy. She hails from a small town in France and has practically been a PT her entire life. You see, both her parents were practicing PTs who practiced from their family home, which meant a lof of patient interaction for Delphine. She specializes in women's health: pelvic floor and post partum symptoms, as well as orthopedic therapy/sports medicine. She has extensive experience with the latter as she's worked with both semi-pro rugby and professional soccer teams .